The T-Swing was originally designed to be part of our Wingdow® Gym and Quadripod playstands.  However, so many customers liked the T-Swing--and wanted to buy it--that we are now offering it as a separate product.

Our T-Swing is made out of the same high quality, indestructible, bird-safe American-made stainless steel tubing as our playstands, so—like our playstands--it’s built to last.  Unlike many swings for pet birds, the perch for our T-Swing is not welded or otherwise permanently fixed in place.  The perch attaches to the stainless T-Swing stem through a stainless plug welded into the end of the stem—so it can be removed and replaced as needed.  This means you will never have to throw out your swing simply because the perch has been chewed/destroyed.  It also means that you can attach a perch of your choice to your swing—one in a wood type and diameter that best fits your bird.  Standard natural wood choices for the T-Swing include dragonwood, manzanita, and maple dowel.  However, we can also make you a T-Swing perch in any other wood (or material) of your choosing.  If you have a supply of wood and prefer to make your own T-Swing perch, we can also provide you with instructions for drilling your perch so that it properly fits the swing.  Whatever it takes to make your bird happy and comfortable.

The stainless T-Swing comes in two different sizes/lengths:

  • Large/Long – for medium to large size birds
  • Small/Short – for small to medium size birds

The Large/Long T-Swing is available in two different diameters:  1 inch for large birds (large Macaws, Cockatoos) and ¾ inch for Amazons, Greys, and smaller.  The Small/Short T-Swing has a 5/8 inch diameter.  The standard length of the Large T-Swing is 17 inches, with a 14 inch perch, while the standard length for the Small T-Swing is 10 inches, with a 11.5 inch wide perch.  Both the Large and the Small T-Swings can be made longer (or shorter) for different ceiling, cage, or playstand applications.  However, this is a custom order and will require a few weeks to deliver.

All hardware used on the T-Swing is similarly made of bird-safe, American-made 18-8 stainless.  For safety, all Swing hardware is welded inside the stainless stem--or recessed—where it cannot be undone by playful beaks.