Wingdow® Seat

Companion birds are naturally attracted to windows.  Windows provide companion birds with the warmth and light they need for good health and well-being, while allowing them to see—and be entertained by—the activity outside.  But birds also love to chew and destroy, and—as many pet bird owners know—window casings, sills and mullions provide an inviting target for eager beaks.

Wingdow® Seat is designed to provide pet birds with a way to enjoy windows, while protecting surrounding woodwork from chewing and soiling.

Wingdow® Seat is made of the highest grade, UV-resistant, clear plastic.  It is completely bird-safe, extremely durable and able to withstand years of sunny windows without discoloring.  Wingdows® are molded from a single sheet of plastic—in an aesthetic, rounded shape that adds strength and durability, allows for ease of cleaning, and provides the bird with an unobstructed view.

 The Wingdow® Seat attaches to the window by means of suction cups.  The suction cups are industrial grade, UV-resistant, and guaranteed to adhere securely to the window.  Small tabs on the edge of each cup release suction and allow the unit to be removed from the window for cleaning.

 All hardware used for Wingdow® Seat is high quality, bird-safe, American-made stainless steel.  The unit assembles in minutes (without tools) and will fit most conventional double hung or casement windows, as well as sliding glass windows and doors. It’s the perfect perch for small spaces and to use when traveling with your bird.

Wingdow® Seat comes with a hardwood, manzanita, dragonwood, or textured PVC perch and can be purchased with or without food cups.  The Seat can also be outfitted with a set of straps that allows the unit to be hooked over a chair or seat, where it can function as an off-the-window perch/feeding station for the bird.

Wingdow® Seat is available in medium and large sizes to accommodate different size birds—from Lovebirds to Greys and Cockatoos.