Wingabago® Carrier

A lot of customers think we make these Wingabago® carriers because the name is so similar to "Wingdow".  But we don't.  Our friend, Pam of Playful Parrot, makes them.  However, we are flattered by the association--because we think Wingabagos® are the best travel carriers around.  We personally own two Wingabagos® and have had them both for 14 years.  We like them because everything about the design of these travel carriers just makes sense.  

First, Wingabagos® are transparent.  Anyone who has ever traveled with his or her bird knows that it can be a challenging and stressful experience for both bird and human.  Birds are already anxious enough leaving the comfort of familiar surroundings and faces.  Putting them in a cramped carrier with limited light only compounds this anxiety.     But with Wingabago®, your bird has a clear view of his/her surroundings and—more importantly—-you at all times.  

Second, Wingabago®’s closed design protects birds from drafts, wind, and air conditioners, while providing plenty of ventilation through air holes at the top of the carrier.  When used in the car, it contains messes and protects car upholstery and seat belts from destructive beaks.  

Third, Wingabago®'s rounded shape keeps droppings from getting caught in corners.  Plus, the two piece design allows for easy cleaning and knocks down conveniently for storage.  

Last but not least, the Wingabago® carrier is made of high quality, FDA-approved, food-grade clear plastic—which is stronger, more resilient/impact-resistant, and lighter weight than acrylic carriers of similar size.  

The Wingabago® carrier comes in two sizes:

    Small - For small to medium size birds—from Cockatiels to Grey and Amazon-size birds
    Large - For medium to large birds—such as Cockatoos, Greys,  Amazons, and small Macaws

Greys, Amazons, Eclectus and similar medium-size birds fit comfortably in both the small and large size Wingabago® carrier.  However, if you plan to use the Wingabago® primarily for long trips/vacation travel with your bird, we recommend the large Wingabago®--which will give your bird more room to move around.  Wingabago® is not recommended for full-size macaws, since it is not large enough to accommodate a long tail.

The Wingabago® can also be purchased with a stainless steel door that provides additional ventilation for air travel and/or outdoor use during warm months--and a cotton cover that gives your bird privacy for sleeping and security.