Wingdow® Gym

Wingdow® Gym is an all-stainless, vertical play area for Macaws, Cockatoos, and other large companion birds.  The Gym is designed to be used on or against a window, where your bird can enjoy the view outside.  However, it can also be used against the wall or as a free standing gym away from windows/walls. 

Wingdow® Gym is made of high quality, American-made stainless steel tubing—the most durable and bird-safe material available.  The finish on the Gym is an elegant brushed stainless---similar in look to modern stainless steel appliances.  Clear plastic panels mount to the frame of the Gym to protect windows/walls from chewing and soiling. 

The catch tray for Wingdow® Gym is molded out of American-made Kydex plastic, which is the same material used for the inside of aircraft.  It’s extremely tough, completely bird-safe, and very easy to clean.  The tray comes in an array of five colors—sage green, blue/gray, beige, dark gray and pewter gray—that complement the beautiful, brushed stainless finish of the Gym and the surrounding décor.

The top of the Gym is a stainless steel bar, with a number hooks for hanging the bird’s favorite toys.  Toys hang away from the plastic panels to minimize the bird’s contact with the panels--and so that droppings and litter will not fall on the main perch if the bird climbs to the top of the toy bar.

All hardware used for Wingdow® Gym is American-made 18-8 stainless steel and 100% bird safe.  With the exception of the threaded hangers on the toy bar, all nuts, bolts and other fasteners used in the assembly of Wingdow® Gym are either hidden from the bird’s view inside the stainless steel tubing or behind the protective plastic paneling, where they cannot be reached and dismantled by eager beaks.

The Gym is easy to assemble--and also easy to disassemble for transportation and storage.  It takes surprisingly little floor space—roughly 3 feet square—yet gives your bird plenty of vertical space in which to move around.  The height of the Gym above the floor stand can be adjusted to 3 different levels (over a 14” range) to accommodate different ceiling/window heights and tail lengths.  The plastic panels on the back frame of the Gym also adjust with the height of the Gym—so that woodwork and walls are always protected.

Wingdow® Gym can easily accommodate multiple birds.  When properly outfitted with toys, Wingdow® Gym can keep your bird interested and occupied for hours.

Wingdow® Gym—durable, elegant and built to last.  The only gym your bird will ever need.