About Us

Wingdow®.  Who are we--and what exactly do we do?

We make products for companion birds.  Lots of companies do that---so what makes Wingdow® different?  It's probably easiest to start with what we're not.

We don't make cages.  The market is flooded with manufacturers who do that and do it well.

We don't make toys.  Again, there are lots of clever craftsmen out there making toys--and a lot better than we ever could.

What we DO make is high quality--and we think, unique--furniture for companion birds that is long-lasting, versatile, and looks good in your home--and that hopefully solves some of the issues that many bird owners have.

Like space.  Birds may be smaller than many dogs, cats, and other pets--but between cages, playstands, and other items designed to house and entertain birds--they take up a LOT of floor space.  Often whole rooms, in fact.  Wingdow® products--such as Wingdow® Seat, Wingdow® Gym, WingRing, and the Unipod playstand--are designed to minimize the amount of floor space commandeered by our birds by taking advantage of windows, walls, ceilings and other unused vertical space.  Plus, they allow birds to engage in activities they love to do anyway--which is look out windows and climb up high.

And aesthetics.  Face it.  Most bird items are not especially attractive additions to your home decor--especially if your bird is housed--or hangs out in--a more formal area of your home, like a living room or dining room.  But we believe it's possible to make bird products that are both functional and attractive.  To that end, we couple aesthetic design with elegant materials like stainless steel, glass, natural stone, and acrylic to create products that complement both the beauty of your bird and your home.

One size does not fit all--especially when it comes to birds--so we also strive to make products that are both versatile and customizable.  All of our products are modular--so you can select components that best fit your bird and environment--and also change out those components to provide interest and variety for your bird.  Where practical, we also try to make our products multi-use, converting floor stand to tabletop use or window perch to booster chair for travel purposes and other applications.

Last but not least, we build our products to last.  All of our products are made of durable, high quality, bird-safe, American-made materials that are designed to stand up to the strongest beaks and give you and your bird years and years of use.  And, because we don't believe in adding to the Earth's landfill, we make sure that all product components and hardware are replaceable--so that you're not throwing out a perfectly good perch, playstand, etc. simply because a part wears out or breaks.  We want you and your bird to enjoy our products for a lifetime.

We recognize that some of our products may be a bit more expensive that other bird items on the market--but good quality materials and workmanship come at a cost.  And when you think about how often you have to replace some of those less expensive playstands and other bird items, an investment in a well-built, all-stainless, lifetime stand like Wingdow®'s Unipod, Quadripod, or Wingdow® Gym makes sense and probably saves you money in the long run.

We also enjoy the challenge of custom orders. If you have an idea of something you would like to build for your bird, we are happy to explore the feasibility of your idea with you--and assist you in making your vision a reality.

Over the past 10+ years, we have met--and become friends with--other manufacturers of bird products who share our commitment to quality, and we are privileged to carry some of their products on our site.  It's our way of supporting these small business owners and craftsmen and bringing attention to the fine products they make for our birds.

Most of all, we love birds--and love what we do.  The money we make from our business is nice--but Wingdow® has never been about making us rich.  It has truly been a labor of love.  The satisfaction of knowing that our products have made our customers' birds happy is the only reward that counts.  And, as long as we believe we can continue to build products that enrich the lives of companion birds, we shall remain--Wingdow®.