Wingdow® Lite

If you have a small (parakeet, lovebird-size) bird that enjoys windows, then you might want to consider Wingdow® Lite for your little guy. 

Wingdow ® Lite is a simpler and less expensive alternative to Wingdow® Seat—designed specifically for small parakeets, lovebirds, parrotlets, canaries, finches, and the like.  It has all the features of Wingdow® Seat.  However, because it is simpler in design, it is a bit cheaper to manufacture and thus less expensive than its Medium and Large Wingdow® Seat cousins.

Like Wingdow® Seat, Wingdow® Lite is molded out of durable, high quality, UV-resistant clear plastic and attaches to the window with high grade, UV-resistant suction cups.  Also like Wingdow® Seat, it is shaped to protect your woodwork from chewing and the sill below from droppings.  However, because Wingdow® Lite is considerably smaller in size than both the Medium and Large Wingdow® Seats and is somewhat slimmer on the sides—it is NOT appropriate for larger birds, since larger birds can easily reach over the top and sides of the unit and damage woodwork.  Similarly, if two or more little birds will be sharing the Wingdow® Lite, you may be better off getting a Medium or Large Wingdow® Seat for your little guys, since it will give them more room and minimize competition while using the perch.

As with Wingdow® Seat, all hardware used for Wingdow® Lite is high quality, bird-safe, American-made stainless steel.  The unit assembles in minutes (no tools required) and will fit most conventional double hung or casement windows, as well as sliding glass windows and doors. 

Wingdow® Lite comes with a hardwood, dragonwood, Manzanita, or textured PVC perch and can be purchased with or without food cups.