Unipod Playstand

The Unipod is a truly unique playstand for companion birds.

Unipod is modular in design—which means you can select components for your stand that best fit your bird and your environment. For the top of your stand, you can choose any of four shapes: ring, “C”, "J", or “T”. For the base of the stand, there’s a choice of natural stone (granite, marble)—or beautiful glass block (in an array of different colors and patterns). The stem of the Unipod stand can also be purchased in an adjustable format, which allows you to raise or lower the height of your stand for different birds or applications. If you have more than one bird—or simply want to add interest/variety for your bird--you can choose to purchase more than one top for the Unipod and rotate those tops as needed. You can also choose to remove the catch tray and top from the base altogether and use Unipod as a tabletop stand.

Like all Wingdow® products, Unipods are built to last. Unipods are constructed of the finest grade, American-made stainless steel tubing—which makes them easy-to-clean, completely bird-safe, guaranteed rust-proof, and virtually indestructible. The catch tray is similarly made of indestructible, high quality, 304-grade brushed stainless.  All hardware used in the assembly of Unipod playstands is also made of durable, bird-safe 18-8 American-made stainless steel.

Unipods require less than 2 feet square of floor space—which makes them perfect for small rooms and cramped quarters. They are light weight yet sturdy—and can be moved easily from room to room. Unipods also disassemble easily for transportation and storage.

Last but not least, Unipod playstands are beautiful to look at and elegant enough to be used in the more formal areas of your home. The base and upper frame of each Unipod playstand has an aesthetic brushed stainless finish—similar in look to modern stainless steel appliances. And, the base comes in an array of beautiful colors that complement the beautiful, brushed stainless finish of the frame—and your bird/decor. Your bird is beautiful. We think your avian friend’s play environment should be, too.