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Large T-Swing (Stem Only)
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T-Swing Stem Only

Stainless Steel 101


Large T-Swing (Stem Only)



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If you like the idea of our stainless steel T-Swing--but prefer to use your own wood for the perch--you can purchase just the stainless stem and add your own perch.  We provide you with instructions on how to drill the perch to fit--and provide you with the stainless hardware to attach the perch to the stem.

As with the standard Large T-Swing, you have a choice of stem diameters:  1 inch for large Macaws and Cockatoos and 3/4 inch for Greys, Amazons, and smaller.  The standard length of the Large T-Swing stem is 16 inches.  However, custom lengths are available if you need something different.