Wingdow® Loft



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Designed to be used in conjunction with Wingdow® Seat or Wingdow® Lite--but can also function as a simple "no frills" window or shower perch.
Allows you to add climbing space above your Wingdow® Seat or Wingdow® Lite to creat a vertical, window-based playground for your bird.
L-shaped "pegboard" ceiling has 5 holes for hanging toys, swings, bungees, or even another perch.
Holes are staggered so that several toys, swings, etc. can be hung together without interference.
Perches can also be attached both below and above the Loft ceiling to add extra perching area for several birds.
Can accessorize with Wingdow®'s stainless toy hanger and/or made-to-measure perches and swings or outfit with your own hangers and toys.  Any fastener that fits through a 1/4-20 size hole will work.
Measures 13" high x 14" wide x 7" deep and sized to contain the majority of your bird's droppings when installed over a Large or Medium Wingdow® Seat.
Like all Wingdow® window-based products, made of high quality, UV-resistant, American-made clear acrylic that's completely bird-safe and guaranteed to withstand years in sunny windows without discoloring.
And like all Wingdow® window-based products, held securely to window by high quality, UV-resistant, American-made suction cups.
All Loft hardware is high quality, bird-safe, American-made stainless steel.
Assembles in minutes (without tools) and removes easily for cleaning.
Fits most conventional double hung or casement windows as well as sliding glass windows and doors.