Wingdow® Lite



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For small birds such as:  Finches, Canaries, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Parakeets, and Cockatiels.  Not appropriate for larger birds.
Dimensions:  14" W x 9" H x 6.5" D
Standard perch diameter:  5/8"
Standard perch height:  2"
Wingdow® Lite comes standard with:
Perch:  Standard perch is 2" high with 5/8" diameter hardwood dowel.  Can be ordered in a 3" height for small birds with longer tails, such as Parakeets.  Other natural wood and synthetic perch options are available at additional cost.  See Perch Type for options.
Suction Cups:  Three suction cup assemblies.  Multiple holes in the back of the plastic allow you to place suction cups in the configuration that best fits your window.


Customize--and extend the versatility of--your Wingdow® Lite with these accessories.

Food Cups:  Add food cups to your Wingdow® Lite if you want to give your bird treats while he/she is enjoying the perch.  The cups that fit Wingdow® Lite are made of clear, durable, and non-toxic plastic, round in shape, and fit snuggly into a stainless steel ring that attaches to the back of the unit.  Each cup holds 2.5 ounces of food/water.
Toy Hanger:  Hang toys inside your Wingdow® Lite with this stainless steel toy hanger.
Veggie/Millet Clip:  Hang veggies, millet, or other treats inside your Wingdow® Lite perch with this suction cup-based clip assembly.

Perch Type

Wingdow® Lite comes standard with a smooth, appropriately-sized hardwood dowel perch.  However, for customers who prefer perches with more interest and texture, we also offer three additional natural wood and synthetic options.  All Dragonwood and Manzanita we use for Wingdow® Lite perches are untreated and harvested in the United States by trusted vendors—so you can be assured it is safe for your bird.  Our textured PVC perches are similarly made in the USA by a manufacturer we trust.

Hardwood Dowel.  The perch that comes standard with Wingdow® Lite is a smooth dowel made of white birch hardwood.  Birch is an attractive, fine-grained hardwood, popular among bird product manufacturers and bird owners alike for its safety and durability.
Dragonwood is a hardwood that grows in the American Southeast (mostly Florida)--and our personal favorite natural wood perch for all of our products.  We like it because it's indestructible like Manzanita--yet has a thin, textured outer bark that is less slippery and easier for birds to grip than Manzanita.  A lot of our customers seem to prefer it over Manzanita as well.

Manzanita is small evergreen tree native to the American West, Mexico, and Western Canada.  Its dense, indestructible hardwood core and attractive reddish-purple outer skin have made it a longtime favorite wood for bird perches and gyms.  In addition to its durability, Manzanita is impermeable--which makes it easy to clean--and a good choice for your Wingdow® Lite perch if you plan to use it in the shower.  On the downside, its smooth surface makes it slippery and harder for your bird to grip than other wood choices.

Textured PVC.  We use tough, construction-grade, American-made PVC tubing and rough up the surface to give it texture/make it easier to grip.  Very easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.  A good choice if you plan to use your Wingdow® Lite in the shower.


Perch Height

Your little one will be using Wingdow® Lite a lot, so we want to make sure the perch is completely comfortable.  Wingdow® Lite comes standard with a 2" high perch, which is appropriate for most small birds using the seat.  However, for longer-tailed small birds--such as Parakeets and Cockatiels--be sure and order the 3" high to ensure adequate tail clearance.

Chose this perch height If your bird is... For example:
2" (standard) Short-tailed Finches, Canaries, Lovebirds, Parrotlets
3" Longer-tailed Cockatiels, Parakeets