Customers really love our ring stands.  But--every so often--we get a customer who says "Gee, I wish I could hang that!".  So, we took those customers at their word and created the WingRing hanging ring.  It's essentially the same ring top found on our Quadripod and Unipod stainless ring stands--but without the base--and with hooks on top for hanging it from the ceiling or inside a cage.

The WingRing is made of the same high quality, American-made brushed stainless steel tubing as our playstands, and--like our playstands--is completely bird-safe, guaranteed rust-proof, and virtually indestructible.  The top of the WingRing has three welded, closed-loop hooks for hanging toys, swings, or treats--while the bottom has a treaded stub for attaching the perch.  Another closed-loop hook is welded to the bottom of the WingRing for hanging even more entertaining things below the ring.  You can hang the WingRing alone--or you can create a virtual hanging jungle gym by attaching a toy, t-swing, boing rope--or even another ring--to the hook at the bottom of the ring.

The WingRing comes in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate all sizes/types of birds and space considerations.  The small size is comfortable for most birds—and will also fit inside larger cages.  However, if you have the room—the medium and large sizes may be more comfortable for larger Macaws and Cockatoos.

The WingRing does not come with food cups.  However, these can be added if you plan to give your bird treats while he/she is using the ring.  For the perch, you have a choice of dragonwood, Manzanita, maple hardwood dowel, or textured PVC.