Wheel Base Conversion Kit
Wheel Base Conversion Kit

Wheel Base Conversion Kit



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If you ordered your Unipod without wheels--and decide after the fact that you would like wheels--it's not a problem.  You can add wheels to your stand with this Wheel Conversion Kit.

The Wheel Conversion Kit is essentially a 4-wheeled "roller skate" that attaches to the bottom of your existing stand--under the existing base plate.  The wheels come in chrome or black---so be sure to select the color that best complements your existing base.  (We recommend chrome wheels for your clear or light colored base and black for your dark colored base.)

Since your Unipod stand is modular, you also have the option of exchanging your existing base for a base with wheels.  However, you may find that the Wheel Conversion Kit is a less expensive option, since an exchange means shipping cost both ways.  Call us, and we will be happy to price both options for you.