Small Wingabago®



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For:  Small to medium size birds, such as Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Caiques, Senegals, Pionus--up to and inclucing Grey and Amazon-size birds
Dimensions:  17"H x 12"W x 12"D
Perch Height:  4" from bottom of carrier
Weight:  7 pounds
Small Wingabago® carrier comes standard with:
Perch:  Three hardwood perch dowels in 3 different diameters--3/4", 1", and 1-1/4"--to accommodate different size birds.  Rope perch is also available at additional cost.
Food Cups:  Two (2) stainless steel food/water cups.  Each cup measures 5" in diameter by 2" deep and holds 10 ounces of food/water.  Cups fit into stainless steel rings that attach to the door of the Wingabago®.
Toy Hanger:  A stainless steel hanger for hanging toys that help keep your bird entertained while traveling in the Wingabago®.  Hanger fits through the ventilation holes at the top of the Wingabago®.
Travel Safety Brochure:  Provides useful information and tips for traveling safely with your bird.



Customize--and extend the versatility of--your Wingabago® carrier with these optional accessories.

Stainless Steel Wire Door:  Provides additional ventilation—and is strongly recommended if you live in an area where temperatures typically run 75 degrees or more--or if you plan on using your Wingabago® outdoors for extended periods of time.  If you are planning to travel by air with your bird, you will need the stainless steel door for your Wingabago® in order to comply with airline cargo regulations.
Bago Wrap Cover:  Custom-made, cotton cover for the Wingabago® designed to block drafts and sun, while giving your bird privacy for sleeping and security.
Rope Perch:  Bendable, cotton rope perch is a good alternative perch when traveling with your bird because it provides a better grip.
Cage Catcher Liner:  Waxed paper liners cut to fit the bottom of the Wingabago®.  Non-absorbent and hypoallergenic.  Comes 30 liners to a package.
Stainless Skewers:  A stainless steel skewer for hanging veggies and other treats for your bird while using the Wingabago®.  Skewer fits through the ventilation holes at the top of the Wingabago®.