Medium Wingdow® Seat



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For birds such as:  Caiques, Quakers, Senegals, Pionus, Conures, Cockatiels, and smaller
Dimensions:  16" W x 13" H x 8" D
Standard perch diameter:  5/8"
Standard perch height:  3"
Medium Wingdow® Seat comes standard with:
Perch:  Standard perch is 3" high with 5/8" diameter hardwood dowel.  Can be ordered in a 2" height for smaller birds or a 4" or 5" height for birds with longer tails.  Can also be ordered with a larger (1") diameter dowel for use with larger birds.  Other natural wood and synthetic perch options are available at additional cost.  See Perch Type for options.
Suction Cups:  Four suction cup assemblies.  Multiple holes in the back of the plastic Wingdow® Seat allow you to place suction cups in the configuration that best fits your window.
Bottom Feet:  Two rubber-tipped foot assemblies for the bottom of the Wingdow® Seat to protect sills and provide additional stability.