Decorative Thumbscrew

Decorative Thumbscrew



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Wingdow® Gym comes standard with stainless steel hex bolts and a wrench to tighten them.  The hex bolts work well if the Gym is kept standing in one place most of the time.  However, if you plan on taking the Gym apart frequently--or just plain don't like the look of the hex bolts--you might want to consider purchasing these thumbscrews and using them in lieu of the hex bolts.  The thumbscrews have a knurled edge that makes the screw easy to grip when assembling the Gym.  No wrench required--just hand-tightening.  Plus, they add a decorative finish to the Gym.

You will need 13 of these decorative thumbscrews to replace all of the hex bolts on the Gym; 6 if you only want to replace bolts on the top of the Gym and 7 for replacing just the bolts on the Gym base.  Buy these thumbscrews singly--or save a bit of money if you want to buy the whole set of 13

Of course, like all Wingdow® hardware, these thumbscrews are made of high quality, bird-safe 18-8 stainless steel and 100% made in the USA.