Extra Food Cup

Extra Food Cup



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Your Unipod stand comes with two heavy duty, clear acrylic food/water cups.  If you would like extra cups for your stand, you can purchase those here.

The cups that fit Unipod are made in the USA of non-toxic plastic and are heavyweight enough to stand up even under the toughest beaks.  They are dishwasher-safe and can be used in your bird's cage, as well as on the Unipod stand.

Choose from three types/sizes:

The half-round cups slide off the bracket for easy cleaning, while the round cups must be unscrewed from the bracket.  Although the half-round (slide-off) cups are convenient, we recommend the round (stationary) cups if your bird that likes to "play" with his/her food, since he/she might find enjoyment in pulling the half-round cups off the bracket and dumping the contents. 

Choose the 5 ounce size cups for small to medium size birds using the Unipod and the 15 ounce cups for large Cockatoos and Macaws.