Unipod Lite Playstand

If you're looking for a somewhat smaller and more economical version of our Unipod stand, then Unipod Lite might be for you.

Like the Unipod playstand, Unipod Lite is modular in design and constructed of high quality, bird-safe American-made stainless steel.  However, it differs somewhat in scale and in choice of base, tray, and top.  Whereas the standard Unipod comes with a wide variety of base choices, Unipod Lite's base is limited to clear glass.  The base is also smaller and lighter than the standard Unipod base, making it easier to pick up and move around without the need for wheels.  The tray for Unipod Lite also differs from the standard Unipod stainless tray.  Unipod Lite's tray is molded out of indestructible, American-made Kydex plastic--the same tough, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean material used to build the interiors of aircraft/mass transit vehicles and many other applications--and comes in an array of four colors (pewter gray, beige, sage green, and blue/gray) that complement both the clear base and brushed stainless finish of the stand.  The diameter of the tray is also slightly smaller than the standard Unipod stainless tray, in proportion with Lite's smaller base.  Unipod Lite also comes with a more limited choice of two tops--"J" and "T" shapes--in contrast to the four top configurations (ring, "C" "J", and "T") available for the standard Unipod stand.

Like the standard Unipod, Unipod Lite can be purchase with an adjustable stem, which allows you to raise or lower the height of your stand for different birds or applications.  You can also choose to remove the Kydex catch tray from the base altogether and use Lite as a covenient tabletop stand.

Because of it's smaller scale, Unipod Lite is most appropriate for small to medium-size birds.  Although larger birds can certainly use the Lite, the smaller diameter tray may not do as good a job of containing their droppings as the standard, larger diameter Unipod stainless tray.  And because Unipod Lite's base is smaller and lighter that the standard Unipod stand, wheels are not needed for transporting the stand from room to room.