Treetop Conversion Kit
Treetop Conversion Kit

Treetop Conversion Kit



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If you prefer a playstand made of natural wood for your bird—but like the idea of Quadripod’s indestructible, easy-to-clean and portable base--you can add a natural wood tree to Quadripod's base with the Treetop Conversion Kit. 

The Treetop Conversion Kit consists of a long, heavy duty hanger screw on one end and a piece of stainless steel tubing on the other end.  The end with the hanger screw attaches to the bottom of the tree, while the tube end fits over the mounting stub on Quadripod’s stainless base.  There’s a hole in the tubing and the mounting stub on the base for a thumbscrew, which locks the treetop in place. 

With the Treetop Conversion Kit, you also have the option mounting your tree to the Quadripod tray--foregoing the stainless base altogether.  You can do this by removing the mounting stub from the stainless base and attaching it to the stainless plate included in the Kit.  Slide the tray over the mounting stub, followed by the stainless tubing/hanger screw component of the Conversion Kit.  Screw the treetop onto the hanger screw to create your natural wood floor stand.