Small Bird Safety Ledge

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Wingdow® Seat is a wonderful product for small, flighted birds, such as canaries and finches.  It provides them with a safe and comfortable place to land—and does a wonderful job of catching their messes.  However, when using Wingdow® Seat for small (sparrow-size) flying birds—such as finches or canaries—we strongly recommend that you install this ledge at the top at the top of your Wingdow® Seat—in the space between the back of the Seat and the window—to avoid any chance of a less surefooted bird falling into the small gap behind the Seat.  We’ve never actually had a case of this happening with Wingdow® Seat—but we once saw a small finch get caught behind the raised sash of a double hung window—which made us recognize this as a potential danger for very little birds landing on the top edge of the Seat.  So, please err on the side of caution and use this special plastic ledge to plug the gap at the top of a Wingdow® intended for finch and canary use.  Just indicate what size Wingdow® Seat you’re purchasing, and we send it along with your order free of charge.