Double Decker Perch



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The double-decker perch is a great way to add perching space when your Wingdow® Seat is being used by more than one bird.  It was originally intended to give indoor flocks of smaller birds—like finches, canaries, and parakeets—a safe and mess-free way to enjoy windows.  However, we've found that the bigger guys enjoy the extra perch space, too.  It's also a useful perch for flighted birds who might otherwise try and land on the top of the Wingdow Seat.

The double-decker perch is available for both the large and the medium size Wingdow®) Seat.  It attaches to the back of the Wingdow Seat through the top row of suction cup holes and recesses 2" from the bottom perch for the medium Wingdow® and 3-3/8” in for the large Wingdow® Seat—so droppings from birds sitting on the top perch won't fall onto the bottom perch and birds sitting below.  The double-decker perch for the large Wingdow® Seat is 3/4” in diameter and measures 17 inches across.  The perch for the medium size Wingdow® is 5/8” in diameter and 13” inches long.

Note!  Be aware that larger birds using the double-decker perch will be able to reach above the top of the Wingdow® Seat, erasing any woodwork protection provided by the sides of the Seat.  So, if you use the double-decker perch for medium to large size birds, make sure to position your Wingdow® on the window glass so that your woodwork is out of beak-reach of your bird.