Booster Seat Straps



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Wingdow® Seat—the versatile and space-efficient window perch for companion birds—can now be purchased with a set of straps that allow Wingdow® Seat to function as a dual-purpose, off-the-window booster seat/feeding station for your bird.  The straps attach to the back of the plastic seat—through the same holes available for suction cups.  One set of straps wraps around the chair, while a second set hooks over the chair top.  The horizontal and vertical straps adjust to fit most size chairs (up to 80” around).  Two sets of buckles anchor the Wingdow® Seat to the chair.  All buckles and strap hardware are behind the chair, where they cannot be reached by your bird’s beak.  The bottom of the Seat catches messes and droppings, while the sides of the Seat protect the chair upholstery from chewing.