Suction Cup 101

When we first started thinking about making Wingdow® Seat, we recognized that the suction cup was probably the most important part of our product.  It had to be strong and reliable, or the Wingdow® Seat wouldn't work, and--quite frankly--we were skeptical that such a cup existed.  So, we literally searched the world for the right suction cup--evaluating dozens and dozens of different cups along the way.  We finally found what we believe is the best suction cup made--and we found it right here in the US.  How did we know we had found the right cup?  Well, we tested each of our cup-candidates by installing it on a window and then pulling on it with 30 pounds of force.  One by one, they all failed.  But, when we installed the cup that eventually became our "Wingdow® cup", it not only held tight to the window when we pulled, it cracked the window pane!

Our suction cups were going to be used in windows, so we also recognized that they had to work well when exposed constantly to sun.  Here again, our Wingdow® cup performed well.  It's made of UV-resistant material--and thus designed to withstand years in sunny windows without yellowing, cracking, or losing suction.  Thankfully, customers seem to agree with our choice of suction cup.  We are constantly receiving customer reports about how well our Wingdow® cups work--often accompanied by requests to buy additional cups to replace cups on other suction cup-based items they own.

All of the above being said, however, Wingdow® cups ARE suction cups--and they CAN fail if they are not installed properly.  No suction cup will stick if there's dust or dirt on the glass or the back of the cup, so take care to wipe the window surface and cup-back before you apply the cup to the glass.  Similarly, you have to apply a little pressure to the cup to get a tight fit on the window.  When installing your Wingdow® Seat on the glass, press in on the thumbnut that holds the cup to the Seat to make sure the cup is flat against the window.  Then, give the thumbnut a firm tug to make sure the hold is tight.  Do this every time you install your Wingdow®.  If you have any problems getting good suction when installing the Wingdow® Seat, it's probably dust on the window or cup--so take the Wingdow® off the window and wipe the window surface and cup-back again.  It should stick.  It is NOT necessary to wet the back of the cups to obtain good suction.  However, if you feel more comfortable doing so--go ahead.  It will not affect the hold one way or the other.

Another thing that can affect suction is weather.  Big weather changes and swings in temperature can affect the air pressure behind the cups and cause them to lose suction, so be sure and check the cups whenever temperature and weather conditions fluctuate.   It's also a good idea to just check the cups periodically--at minimum, once a week and certainly every time you put your bird on the Seat.  A quick tug on each thumbnut to confirm a tight fit is all it takes.  Follow these rules, and your bird will enjoy the Wingdow® Seat for many years to come.

How long will these suction cups last?  We can't say for sure.  The suction cups on our personal Wingdow® Seats are over seven years old and still holding.  However, to be on the safe side, we recommend that customers replace their Wingdow® suction cups every four to five years--especially if they notice one or more of the cups beginning to lose suction.  The stainless hardware on the cup is expensive, so we also tell customers to make sure they keep the hardware when disposing of the old suction cups.  That way, only the cup itself has to be replaced, and the cost is minimal.  In the unlikely event that one or more of your Wingdow® Seat cups fail within the first year of using your Wingdow®, call us--and we will gladly ship you a new set of cups free of charge.