Wingdow® Gym Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can my bird get off the Wingdow® Gym?

With parrots—especially big ones like large Macaws and Cockatoos--one can never say “never”.  As all of us bird lovers know, determined birds can do pretty much anything they set their minds to.  However, it’s unlikely that your bird can get off the Wingdow® Gym easily, regardless of size—and we make this statement after lots of testing with both large and medium size parrots. 

First of all, getting off the Gym is not something that most parrots want to do.  “Up high” is where birds want to be—and Wingdow® Gym—with its vertical design and high toy bar--gives birds the chance to sit higher than pretty much any play gym on the market today.  So--given a choice between perching up high or walking around on the floor, most birds are going to opt for “high”—i.e. staying on the Gym.  Second, even if your bird wants off the Gym, it’s pretty difficult for him or her to dismount.  If you look at the design of the Gym, you will see that there just aren’t many places where a parrot can get a good enough “beak-hold” to get off the Gym.  The vertical stainless steel poles that make up the top of the Gym provide one opportunity for a parrot to swing him/herself off the Gym—but the large (1inch) diameter tubing and slippery nature of the stainless steel make secure beak-holds pretty difficult. The catch tray is another potential “exit point”—but here again, the rounded edge of the tray makes it nearly impossible for even large parrots to get a good grip.  The stainless steel wire grate inside the catch tray, however, creates a possible exception.  It’s possible for a motivated, large (Hyacinth-size) bird to grab the grate and swing him/herself over the edge of the tray and onto the floor.  However, simply removing the grate will almost always solve this problem.

Of course, the above does not apply to flighted birds, as they will be able to fly off any stand.  Even so, many of our customers tell us that their flighted birds pretty much stay put on the Wingdow® Gym—because there’s a lot to do!


How well does the tray catch messes?

We’ve made our Wingdow® Gym tray as large as practical.  It’s big enough to catch the bulk of your bird’s mess—but still small enough to fit through most doors if moved from room to room.  Plus, it’s in a size that’s reasonable to ship from a cost perspective.

Although our Wingdow® Gym tray does a good job of containing your bird’s mess—it won’t catch all of it.  Anyone who has been around birds for any length of time knows that birds will always move to the furthest branch/spot on the playstand—and then dump.  Some birds are especially good at “angle shots”—i.e. those non-perpendicular droppings made from that furthest point that shoot right past the edge of tray and hit the floor.  Then there are the birds who like to forage in the tray and lean over the edge of the tray to drop their food and/or do their business.  It doesn’t matter how big the tray is.  It’s not going to catch 100% of your bird’s mess.

If you’re concerned about the 5-10% of the mess our tray doesn’t catch, we recommend you do what we do—which is put an old sheet, tablecloth or shower curtain under (or around the perimeter of) the Gym while it’s in use.  When the bird is done with the stand for the day, we just shake out the sheet and/or throw it in the wash.  Customers tell us that plastic runners or chair mats under the Gym work well, too—especially on carpeted floors.


Can my bird chew the tray?

All birds are different, and we cannot guarantee that your bird will never chew the tray.  But, in our experience, they don’t.  And, we can make this statement after a lot of customer “load-testing” with large birds known to chew everything.  

We can’t say for sure why birds don’t bother the tray.  However, we can offer a few explanations, based on our own observations and the experiences of our Wingdow® Gym customers.  One reason, of course, is that birds simply don’t spend a lot of time down on the tray—preferring instead to stay up high on the perch and toy bar.  Second, birds that do manage to get down to the tray find that the tray is not a particularly fun thing to chew.  The rounded edge of the tray appears to be a real deterrent to chewing behavior—because even the largest beak can’t get a good beak-grip on the tray edge.  This, and the fact that Kydex—the American-made plastic we use for our trays--is really tough stuff (and difficult to gouge under the worst of circumstances) makes the tray an unattractive target for destructive beaks. 


Will Wingdow® Gym accommodate my bird’s long tail?

Not a problem.  The upper frame of the Gym is adjustable to three different heights to accommodate different size birds/tail lengths and different ceiling and window heights.  The adjustable feature of the Gym allows you to set the height where it works best for your space—and where it’s most comfortable for your bird.  As a general rule, however, the highest position works best for Hyacinths, the lowest position for Amazons, Greys, and other medium-size birds, and the middle level for every bird in between.


Will the plastic panels cover/protect my woodwork?

As noted above, the height of the Gym can be adjusted to three different levels—and the height of the panels with it—allowing you to cover pretty much any size/height window.  However, we always encourage customers to measure their window first to ensure the Gym will fit and cover adequately. Customers who have bought the Gym report that the panels work well in terms of protecting their window woodwork, so in all likelihood, the panels will fit your application.


Why does Wingdow® Gym cost so much?

We get asked this question a lot—and we want to assure you that it’s not because we’re greedy.  It costs a LOT to make these play gyms.

First, there’s the material we use.  As with all of our playstands, we use only the best materials in building Wingdow® Gym.  Every piece of stainless steel we use in Wingdow® Gym is high quality, American-made stainless steel—down to the last nut and bolt.  It’s extremely durable and completely bird-safe.  Lower grades of stainless can rust, and some even contain lead, zinc and other toxic metals that can be harmful to your bird—which is why we insist on using only the best.  Similarly, our plastic trays are made out of high quality, American-made Kydex plastic, which is the same material used to build the interiors of aircraft and other applications.  Like our stainless, it’s durable, completely bird-safe, and extremely easy to clean.  Our protective panels are also formed out of high quality, American-made polycarbonate plastic.  None of these materials are cheap.  If you don’t believe us, go into a metal fabrication shop and ask what they pay for top of the line, American-made 304 and 310 stainless tubing, and it will open your eyes.  Then, visit a shop that thermoforms and/or bends plastic and ask what they pay for high quality acrylic, polycarb, and Kydex plastic.  They will tell you that quality materials come at a price.

Quality workmanship also does not come cheap. Like all of our stainless playstands, Wingdow® Gyms are built in small American shops by highly trained craftsmen--not mass-produced in large overseas factories.  Every piece of the Gym is precision-cut and precision-welded to ensure a perfect fit and a lifetime of use. If you visit that metal fabrication shop mentioned above, ask what rates they charge for custom fabrication and stainless steel (or “tig”) welding--and you will begin to understand why the Gym costs what it does.

In truth, if profit were our only motivation for making the Gym, we wouldn’t build it.  It costs a lot to make—and, quite frankly, we don’t make a lot of money on it.  But, customers asked us to create a quality gym for big birds that would allow them to enjoy windows, would look good in their home, and would last and last—so we built Wingdow® Gym.  Not just for our customers, but as a labor of love—and for the pride of creating something truly unique and elegant for the amazing birds that share our lives.  Customers who have bought the Gym tell us that their birds love it—and that is the reward that truly matters to us.


Can I use Wingdow® Gym outdoors?

Absolutely.  In fact, we have quite a number customers who have bought Wingdow® Gym for outdoor use and/or for outdoor aviaries.  All stainless components of Wingdow® Gym are made of high quality, American-made stainless steel and are guaranteed rust-proof—so there’s never a worry about rust developing on the stand when exposed to weather.  Plus, as noted previously, the material from which we make our trays--Kydex plastic—is really tough stuff and built to withstand all kinds of abuse—both indoor and outdoor.

If you plan to use the Gym outdoors, however, you probably won’t need the protective panels that mount to the back of the Gym.  If this is the case, call us, and we can easily make that change before we ship your Gym.  We will also deduct the cost of the panels from the price of your Gym.


Do I have to have wheels on Wingdow® Gym?

No.  Although the Wingdow® Gym comes standard with wheels, we can remove those wheels and replace them with rubber-tipped feet if you prefer your Gym to remain stationary.  Just give us a call, and we can easily make that change before we ship your Gym.  We will also deduct the cost of the wheels from the price of your Gym.


What if something breaks?  Do you offer replacements?

We want you and your bird to enjoy your Wingdow® Gym for life—which is why we’ve made sure every hardware component of your stand is replaceable.  Other than the toy hangers on the upper toy bar of the Gym, none of the stainless screws, nuts, studs, or other fasteners that hold Wingdow® Gym together are welded in place—which means that you can remove and replace that hardware in the unlikely event that a screw or stud becomes broken, bent or stripped.  Your Wingdow® Gym stand is an investment, and we don’t your stand to become unusable simply because a $2 hardware piece wears out.

All screws used in construction of the Wingdow® Gym are standard ¼ - 20 thread and are stainless steel.  You can purchase replacements at any home center or hardware store—or you can contact us at 866-WINGDOW or, and we will send you that replacement hardware at no charge.


What if I want to change or replace the perch of my Wingdow® Gym?

At some point you may need to change or replace the perch wood on your Wingdow® Gym stand.  Your bird may have chewed the perch—or you may simply want to try a different wood.  Either way, call us at 866-WINGDOW—or go online at—and we can supply you with another perch for your Gym. 


Can I make my own perch for Wingdow® Gym?

If you have a supply of favorite wood and wish to make your own perch for your stand, by all means, do so.  In fact, we encourage it—since you know best what your bird likes.  We offer instructions on how to drill your own Wingdow® Gym perch in our assembly instructions.


Can I use my own food cups with Wingdow® Gym?

Absolutely.  Pretty much any cup that attaches through the vertical bars of your cage can also be attached to the stainless steel food cup bracket for Wingdow® Gym.  However, you should really give our acrylic cups a try.  They are extremely durable and dishwasher-safe—and can't be tipped over by playful beaks.  Plus, they look great on the Wingdow® Gym!