Wingdow® Lite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the suction cups really work?

Yes, they really do.  We understand your skepticism about suction cups.  When we first started thinking about building both the Window® Seat and Wingdow® Lite, we, too, had doubts about whether suction cups would work for our application.  We had heard complaints from other bird owners about how other suction cup-based perches were forever falling down.  But--we figured that someone had to make a reliable suction cup.  So, we got samples of pretty much every suction cup made in the US and abroad and strength-tested ALL of them--dozens upon dozens of them.  The suction cup we found--and that we now use for all suction cup-based Wingdow® products--is the best out there.  It is industrial-grade and UV-resistant--which means it will last years in sunny windows without yellowing, cracking, or losing its suction.

We also use multiple suction cups on Wingdow® Lite.  So--even if one of the cups loses its suction--there are 2 other cups holding the unit up.  The chance of all the cups giving way at the same time is small.  We do tell customers, however, that they need to take care when installing Wingdow® Lite on the window--and to make sure the suction cups are on tight.  If the cups are applied correctly--and checked periodically to make sure the hold is still tight--there shouldn't be a problem.

How long will these suction cups last?  We can't say for sure.  The suction cups on our personal Wingdows® are over seven years old and still holding.  However, to be on the safe side, we recommend that customers replace their suction cups every four to five years or so--especially if they notice one or more of the cups beginning to lose suction.  The hardware on the cup is expensive, so we also tell customers to make sure they keep the hardware when disposing of the old suction cups.  That way, only the cup itself has to be replaced.


Can my bird climb to the top of Wingdow® Lite?

If you use Wingdow® Lite for a medium to large size bird--such as a Conure, Caique, Grey, and larger--the answer is "yes, your bird can climb to the top".  But--just as the name implies--Wingdow® Lite is not built for larger birds.  It is sized for SMALL birds--Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, and the like--and, if used for the appropriate size bird, it's pretty difficult for a bird of this size to pull him/herself up to the top.  However, we can't promise you that it will never happen.  As all of us bird lovers know, a determined bird--even a small one--can figure out how to do pretty much anything!

Keep in mind, though, that toys hung inside Wingdow® Lite provide a vehicle for your little one to climb to the top.  However, in our experience, birds that manage to reach the top of the unit soon come back down to the perch--because it's simply not comfortable for them to sit on the narrow edge of the plastic.  We've seen the same behavior with flighted birds.  Even if they land on the top of a Wingdow®, they inevitably find their way down to the more comfortable, wood perch.


Will Wingdow® Lite catch my little bird's droppings?

Customers tell us that Wingdow® Lite does a really good job of containing their bird's messes.  We're not surprised by this.  We did a lot of testing when we created Wingdow® Lite--observing and measuring the size and angle of droppings from different types small birds--so that we could be sure and make it deep enough to catch 95% or more of bird messes.  We also added a curved edge at the front of the Wingdow® Lite to help contain droppings and food inside the unit.

However, Wingdow® Lite is not going to catch everything--especially if you give your little guy treats while he/she is using it.  Ditto if your little one likes to get off the perch and do his/her business over the edge of unit.  But, it will catch the vast majority of your little birds' mess.


Do birds chew/crack the plastic?

Again, we can't promise that it will never happen.  However, in our 10+ years of making Wingdows® of any size, we have yet to receive a customer report of a bird chewing and/or cracking the plastic seat.  Plus, if big bird beaks haven't damaged the plastic, it's hard to imagine that a little guy's beak will be able to crack it.

Some little birds will chew on the perch inside their Wingdow® Lite--but this can be expected because it's wood.  If this happens, it's not a problem.  Wingdow® perches can be easily changed or replaced.


What if my bird won't go on Wingdow® Lite?

Most birds go on Wingdows® right away--be it Wingdow® Seat or Wingdow® Lite.  They instinctively know what it is for.  However, if your little bird is not one to try new things, you may need to introduce him or her to it more slowly.

If your little bird is reluctant to go on Wingdow® Lite at first, try introducing it to your bird while it is off the window.  Set the Wingdow® unit on a tabletop or other flat surface and encourage your bird to step up on the perch.  Hang a familiar toy from one of the thumbnuts--or offer your bird a treat while on the Wingdow®.  Most of all, give your little guy some time to peck around Wingdow® Lite and figure out that he/she is safe there.  Once your bird seems comfortable with Wingdow® Lite in its off-the-window spot--and it may take a few days--put the Wingdow® unit back on the window and encourage your bird to step up.  If your bird's wings are clipped, you might also consider tying a ladder to the unit--to give your bird the option of climbing off the unit until he/she gets used to the new window position.  Finally, if all else fails, try moving the Wingdow® to another location.  Sometimes it's not the Wingdow® unit itself that the bird objects to--but rather where you've put it.  We've had a number of cases of customer-birds that initially refused to go on their Wingdows®--only to have it be adopted as their favorite spot to perch when it was moved to a different window or room.  (As all of us bird lovers know, our birds always know what they want; it's up to us humans to figure it out!)

Above all, keep trying.  We have had very few little birds that have refused to use Wingdow® Lite, given a reasonable amount of time and effort.  If still no luck after a few months, you can always send your Wingdow® unit back within the 60 day return period.


Can I hang toys in Wingdow® Lite?

Absolutely.  You may find, however, that your little bird won't be that interested in playing with toys while on his/her Wingdow®.  He/she will be too busy watching what's going on outside--which is exactly what Wingdow® Lite is supposed to do!


My window is small/unusual in shape. Will Wingdow® Lite still work?

In all likelihood, yes.  We've designed Wingdow® Lite so that it will fit pretty much any window application--no matter how small or unusual.  Every Wingdow® unit has multiple holes in the back of the plastic--so you can place your suction cups in a configuration that best fits your window. 


Can I use Wingdow® Lite as a perch in the shower?

Absolutely.  Lots of our customers use Wingdow® Lite as a dual purpose shower perch.  However, in order to work as a shower perch, the walls of your shower must be smooth/non-textured.  Otherwise, the suction cups won't stick.  Ditto if the shower walls are not completely clean--so make sure to remove all traces of soap scum from the walls before installing the suction cups.

If you decide to use Wingdow® Lite in the shower, we recommend you use one of our textured PVC perches in place of the hardwood dowel that normally comes with the unit, since wet wood can harbor bacteria.  Impervious manzanita wood works well, too.


Can I use Wingdow® Lite in the car?

Technically, "yes"--but we don't recommend it.  A bird riding unrestrained in a fast moving car is subject to the same dangers as an infant or small child traveling without the security of a seat belt or child safety seat.  Cars stop short, airbags deploy, and both child and bird run the risk of being seriously injured.  This is especially true for small birds, as they startle easily.  Better to put your bird in a travel carrier while the car is in motion--with a seat belt around the carrier for added protection.  Use Wingdow® Lite when the car is stopped--or once you've arrived at your destination.


Can I use Wingdow® Lite in the RV?

Yes!  Wingdow® Lite is extremely portable and space-efficient, which makes it perfect for RV travel with your bird. We have many, many customers who have purchased a Wingdow® Seat or Wingdow® Litefor use in their RV.


What's the best way to clean Wingdow® Lite?

We use mild dish soap and water for cleaning all of our Wingdows®.  We also like Oxyfresh, which is a non-toxic and environmentally-safe, all purpose cleaner.  Do not use Windex or other glass cleaner to clean your Wingdow® Lite.  These cleaners contain chemicals that might be harmful to your bird.  Plus, they contain abrasives that may scratch the clear acrylic over time.


I have more than one little bird.  Can they share the Window® Lite?

Absolutely. If you're lucky enough to have small birds that get along, there's more than enough "perch" room on Wingdow® Lite to accommodate two (or more) birds.

If you have a lot of small flying birds, however, you might also consider purchasing a Medium or Large Wingdow® Seat instead of Wingdow® Lite--and adding our second-level, Double Decker Perch to the Wingdow® Seat to give your birds more landing/perching area.   This way, a lot of birds can share the same window perch!  See "Double Decker Perch" under both Large Wingdow® Seat and Medium Wingdow® Seat for more information.


Can I make my own perch for Wingdow® Lite?

If you have a supply of favorite wood and wish to make your own perch for your Wingdow® Lite, by all means, do so.  In fact, we encourage it--since you know best what your bird likes.  Contact us--and we'll email you instructions on how to drill your own Wingdow® Lite perch.