Customer Testimonials

“The baby Caiques love their Wingdow®!  Now I have problems getting them to finish their meals.  All they want to do is sit and look out the Wingdow®! 

Priscilla, MI, USA

“Maxwell and Doris (our male and female tiels) love their Wingdow®.  They sit in the sun every morning.  I enjoy moving them around the house, and I know they enjoy the change of scenery.  They love to watch the kids at the bus stop in the morning, too.  Wingdow® is easy to use, easy to clean. Thanks for a great product!”

Kathy, MA, USA

“As a management consultant, I work from home most of the day when I’m not at a client site.  Having a Wingdow® lets my Pionus, Fred, sit with me while I’m typing, often providing some much needed inspiration and fun during the day.  Fred loves to sit and talk to the birds outside, as well as listen to music while I type.  Before having a Wingdow®, I really didn’t have a place in my office for her to sit—so now we’re both glad she gets to be part of the action—meaning I hear less of those nasty squawks demanding attention!  If you ask me, Wingdow® is a bird owner’s dream!” 

—Jim, MD, USA

“I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with my new Wingdow® Seat!  My African Grey took to it right away.  It is one of the nicest parrot products I have seen so far.  I’d like to have one in every window in my home!

  —Laura F, OH

“I have two Wingdow® Seats for my Grey, Griffin—one at the office and one at home.  His Wingdow® Seats are by far his favorite places to hang out.  Griff just turned one and recently started talking.  Two of the things he says most consistently are ‘want Wingdow’ to ask to go to his Wingdow® Seat and ‘hello Wingdow’ when he gets there.  I’ve recommended Wingdows® to several Grey owners.”  

  —Rich Q, CA

“Budley’s Wingdow® arrived this afternoon.  It’s up, and he just loves it!  He can see the birds at the feeder outside the window.  I had to think about this purchase a long time.  I tend to be rather careful with purchases—but I’m so glad I went ahead and got this!”

  —Natasha H, OK

"Papaya is going crazy on his little Wingdow® now.  He loves it!  He says “Hey, Bubba!” whenever he’s excited—and he’s saying it all the time now!”

  --Chris P., IL

“I know you said it would take about 10 minutes to assemble the Wingdow®--but my Senegal, Wilbur, decided to help my husband and I with the assembly---so it took about a half an hour instead!  But, the upside is—he wasn’t afraid of it and jumped right onto the Wingdow® as soon as we had it secured to the window.  When it was time to go to his cage, he didn’t want to leave his Wingdow®.  My husband is very impressed with how well the Wingdow is made.  Thanks for making this wonderful product for my baby!"

 --Diana S., IL

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my (or rather, Sekais’) Wingdow® Seat.  It is very nice—and my red-bellied female really loves it.  Thanks for a great product!”

  --Chris W, IL

“I opened the Wingdows® today—and they are beautiful!  I want to thank you for making such a wonderful product!”

--Carol Ann N., NC

“My bare-eyed cockatoo loves the (Wingdow®) Seat.  She really boogies on it.  She’s a hoot!  I have been showing our Wingdow® Seat to friends.  Everyone loves them!  Hopefully, they will buy(?)  Best of luck with this product.”

  --Char H., IN

“We just received our Wingdow®.  Puck is singing and chattering and watching the outside with great interest.  He loves it!”

--Betsy H, MN

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our WINGDOW®!  We are the proud parents of a Congo African Grey named Lucy.  Lucy loves sitting in her Windgow®. She also eats better at her Wingdow® than when she is in her cage.  Perhaps she feels more a part of nature, or she is more focused, either way, she wastes less food.  We love how it keeps the mess off the floor and is so easy to keep clean.  Thanks for the wonderful WINGDOW®!!

   --Elle K, OH

“Boy, you guys are truly committed to customer service!  It’s really nice for a change!!  I’ve told all of my bird friends about the Wingdow®.  Hope you get some business from them.”

 -- Sharon N, NY

“I really love the Wingdow®, the bird loves the Wingdow®, and my husband loves the materials it is made out of.”

  --Luann L, CO

“Just wanted to let you know I have received my Wingdow® Seat. It is set up in my front bay window, and the birds love it!  It was well worth the wait, and I'm sure they will enjoy it for many years too come!
  --Claudette L, ON

“It was so nice to meet you at the Houston Parrot Festival.  Khaki, our female Caique, loves the window perch we bought there.  I hope your venture is a tremendous success.  You have a wonderful product.”

  --Donna S, TX

“Thank you so much for the Wingdow® window seat for Mrs. Fred.  She loves it!  At first, she didn’t want to sit on the perch on it.  But with a little coaxing, she sat on it is really enjoying the outdoor view.” 

  --Mary Jo S, WI

“My white-bellied Caique, YoYo, loves her Wingdow®!  It arrived today after ordering it last week and was so easy to assemble.  YoYo watched me do it, and then I introduced her to it.  She stepped right onto the perch.  Then I stuck it in the window where she proceeded to investigate the whole thing.  I added some of her toys and gave her an almond, and she’s so happy!  This frees up a lot of space on my kitchen counter and keeps her out of harm’s way.  She spent the entire afternoon on it!”

  -- Ingrid H, CA

“Very happy with the product.  Looks very well built and the bird has taken to it.  Thank you.”

  --Deborah K, OR

“Just received my Wingdow® unit yesterday, and so far everyone is really liking it!  My African Grey was a little skiddish at first--but he quickly got over that!  I‘m interested in purchasing another one.”
  --Cindy T, NC

“Anyway, Cosmo, the dusky-headed conure-with-an-attitude, loves the Wingdow®. I can move it around to various vantage points so he can get a different view and avoid the hot sun. (No, he is not spoiled!)  He can now be with me in the kitchen while I'm baking/cooking, and I don't have to worry.  I have very contemp decor....stainless steel, white walls, light wood, black granite, and Wingdow® looks great!  Fits right in without visually taking up a lot of space. My neighbor (cat lover) was also very impressed with the Wingdow®.  Thank you again!

  --Corinne B, MI

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the (Wingdow®) unit.  I have 8 birds that are truly spoiled!

  --Susan S, MO

“I cannot tell you what a difference this product (Wingdow®) has made in our Senegal’s life—and in our lives.  He used to want to be in his house all the time.  Now, he prefers to be out of his house with us and on his Wingdow®.  He’s become much more a part of the family.  He’s much happier, and so are we.  Thank you for a wonderful product.”

  --Tim T, IL

“Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Gryphn ( Senegal) loves his Wingdow®.  He loves to growl at the animals outside. I've sent some pics of him for you.  Thank you so much for your help.  I'm so glad I went and bought the Wingdow®, and so is Gryphn!

  --Jenn A, ON

“My little Caique loves the Wingdow® Seat.  I hooked a couple of toys on it for her, and she is just happy as a lark, watching them build a new house across the street!”

  --Terry M, TX

“We LOVE our Wingdow®!”

  --Jill B, TX

“Kiwi and I would like to thank you very much making it possible for me to purchase a Wingdow® for her.  I think you can tell by the look on her face in the photo how much she enjoys sitting in it.”

  --Cheryl R, TX

“I just received my Wingdow® seat, and we (my sun conure and me) and love it! “

  --Darcee S, CO

“I have pictures of our birds on your Wingdow® that I will send you. It is really a great product. Thanks!”

  --John K, IL

“Cuddles loves her window seat.  I will need another one for sure.”

  -- Debbe K, NV

“I bought your Wingdow® from you a couple of months ago, and my bird just loves it!” 

  --Alice H, NY