Other Uses for Wingdow® Seat

Did you know that you can also use Wingdow® Seat as a versatile, off-the-window perch for your bird?  Try these ideas out. 


As a Booster Chair/Feeding Station

Wingdow® Seat can also be purchased with a set of straps that allow you to use Wingdow® Seat as an off-the-window chair perch/feeding station for your bird.  The booster chair straps attach to the back of the plastic seat—through the same holes available for the suction cups.  One set of straps wraps around the chair, while a second set of straps hooks over the top of the chair.  The horizontal and vertical straps adjust to fit chairs/seats up to 80” around.  Two sets of buckles anchor the Wingdow® Seat to the chair.  All buckles and strap hardware are behind the chair, where they cannot be reached by your bird’s beak.  The bottom of the Seat catches messes and droppings, while the sides of the Seat protect the chair upholstery from chewing. 


As a Tabletop Perch

You can also use Wingdow® Seat as a tabletop stand by adding an extra set of rubber-tipped feet to the floor of your Wingdow® Seat—installing those feet in the second set of holes provided for adjusting the position of your perch.  If you don’t want to invest in another set of rubber feet, you can also simply prop up the front of the Seat with a rolled towel or other appropriately-sized item.


In the Shower

Wingdow® Seat can also be used in your shower—as long as the surface of the shower is smooth/non-textured.  For shower use, we recommend you use one of our textured PVC perches in place of the hardwood dowel that normally comes with the Seat, since wet wood can harbor bacteria.  Impervious Manzanita wood works well, too.  We also suggest that you remove the rubber-tipped bottom feet from your Seat to give the water a place to drain. 


For Travel

Wingdow® Seat is portable and space-efficient, which makes it perfect for traveling with your bird.  We have many, many customers who have purchased a Wingdow® Seat for travel purposes—for RV use in particular.  However—although Wingdow® Seat can technically be used as a car seat for your bird—please don’t use it as such—especially while the car is in motion.  A bird riding unrestrained in a fast moving car is subject to the same dangers as an infant or small child traveling without the security of a seat belt or child safety seat.  Cars stop short, airbags deploy, and both child and bird run the risk of being seriously injured.  Better to put your bird in a travel carrier while the car is moving—with a seat belt around the carrier for added protection.  Use Wingdow® Seat when the car is stopped—or once you’ve arrived at your destination.