Canadian Customers

Between import tax, value-added tax and provincial taxes, our Canadian customers pay a LOT of money tax-wise on goods coming from outside Canada.  With Wingdow products, however, one LESS tax our friends to the North have to worry about is import tax.  This is because Wingdow products are 100% made in the USA--which means they can be brought into Canada duty-free under the North America Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. 

We include documentation with every order, certifying the origin of the product(s) in the box and our duty-free status.  For orders under $1000 (as most of our orders are), this documentation consists of a commercial invoice, along with a signed statement by us verifying that the products in the box meet the NAFTA rules of origin.  For orders over $1000, a special Certificate of Origin form needs to be completed, with specific harmonized (customs-related) codes indicating type of product or product.  A copy of this documentation is included with the shipping label and packing slip on the outside of the box (for Canadian Customs to see)—and also inside the box in the event that Customs needs to open and inspect the box.  A copy of the commercial invoice (or Certificate of Origin for large $1000+ orders) is also emailed to the customer in Canada prior to shipment in case additional proof is needed.  The vast majority of our packages sail through Canadian Customs without a problem.  However, in the rare case where a customs agent doesn’t look at that documentation—and duty is assessed—the customer can get that money back by presenting the emailed copy of the commercial invoice to Customs when the package is picked up.

Another thing we do to try and contain costs for our Canadian friends is ship our packages via US Postal Service (USPS) whenever possible.  USPS is by far the cheapest way to ship to Canada because of the ridiculously high brokerage fees charged by FedEx and UPS ($50+ for FedEx and UPS versus $5 for USPS).  Unlike USPS, FedEx and UPS also have extra fees for home delivery, signature required, fuel surcharges, etc. that add even more to the cost of shipping an item to Canada.  Yet another reason we ship via USPS is that we experience very few problems or delays getting our packages through Canadian Customs with our duty-free status.

Unfortunately, due to box size restrictions on the part of both the US Postal Service and Canadian Post, a few of our Wingdow® products cannot be shipped to Canada via cost-efficient USPS.  Our larger playstands, in particular, must be shipped in carton sizes that fall outside these established postal carton dimension limits.  In this case, we have to use more costly FedEx Ground to get your playstand order to you.   A number of our Canadian playstand customers have avoided this extra expense by shipping to a US location close to the US/Canadian border—and then picking up their playstands from there.  If you live near the border and this is an option for you, we will be happy to work with you in finding a US-based shipping consolidator located near you who can hold the shipment for you.  We appreciate our Canadian customers.  Be assured that we will do all to make your Wingdow® ordering and shipping experience easy for you.