Kitchen Sink Hanging Gym

As you can probably tell from all the stainless-oriented playstands and swings Wingdow® makes, we are not particularly into PVC-based products for companion birds.  However, these Kitchen Sink hanging gyms are an exception.  

Our friend, Jeff, makes these gyms in his North Carolina shop—and they are really, really nice.  We like them because—like the products we make—they are built to last.  Kitchen Sink hanging gyms are built of American-made, construction-grade PVC tubing—which makes them easy-to-clean, 100% bird-safe, and virtually indestructible.  Another reason we like them is the unique texturing process Jeff uses on all the perching surfaces of his Kitchen Sinks.  Other PVC-based perches and gyms we've seen have no texturing at all (very slippery!)--or grooved surfaces that can catch droppings/food (hard to clean!)--or rubber-encased surfaces that can rip or crack over time (can harbor bacteria!).  Kitchen Sink surfaces are lightly scored--enough to ensure your bird has a good grip but not so much that perch surfaces become hard-to-clean.
But more importantly, birds really seem to enjoy the Kitchen Sink.  Nothing on the Kitchen Sink is stationary.  Toys and spinning wheels attach to the end of each Kitchen Sink perch--providing endless hours of stimulation and entertainment.  
Last but not least--like Wingdow® products--Kitchen Sinks are made in the US of 100% American-made materials, so you can be confident they are safe for your bird.

Kitchen Sink hanging gyms come in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate all types of birds—from Budgies to Hyacinths—and can be purchased with 4, 6, 8, or 10 perches.

Kitchen Sinks can also be purchased with an extender--which we highly recommend if you want to keep your bird from climbing above the gym and doing damage to your ceiling.