Get a Grip Climbing Nets

Imitation—so they say—is the sincerest form of flattery.  But imitation also means that great ideas and designs often get copied—and the result is not always something better. 

Such is the case with the Get a Grip climbing net.  The original Get a Grip has been copied many times since its successful introduction in 2002—but, in our opinion, it is still the very best climbing net on the market. 

We like Get a Grip because of the material used in its construction—and also the care with which it’s made.  Get a Grip is made out of untreated natural abaca fiber—some of the strongest fiber out there—and the same durable material used in the manufacture of marine ropes/cable and fishing nets.  It is extremely strong, flexible, fray-resistant, 100% bird-safe, and able to stand up to strong beaks.  Plus, the rope itself is tightly woven to ensure no toes get caught.  The Get a Grip is also easy-to-clean.  It’s washable—and dries easily in the sun or dryer. 

Copycat versions, on the other hand, are usually made of cheaper cotton or sisal rope--both of which are prone to fraying over time and thus more likely to catch toes.   Unlike abaca, cotton and sisal are also very hard to clean and thus more likely to harbor bacteria, mold, and mildew.  Comfort is also an issue, with sisal in particular being much harder than abaca on your bird’s feet.

Get a Grip may be a bit more expensive that other climbing nets—but not when you consider the quality with which it is made, the safety of your bird—and the fact that you will probably never have to replace it.  Get a Grip is also a proven product, used in many zoos—as well as thousands of bird-owning homes both here and abroad.

Most important, however, birds of all sizes LOVE the Get a Grip.  Birds love to climb—and the Get a Grip provides a play environment that simulates a natural forest or jungle.  Get a Grips can be hung from the ceiling or a wall—or draped over the bird’s existing cage or playstand.  When decorated with your bird’s favorite toys and treats, it provides endless hours of exercise, stimulation and entertainment for your bird.

The Get a Grip comes in large, medium, and small sizes to accommodate different size bird--and long and short lengths for different applications.